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Taking vows: James and Laura

The International College of Celebrancy aims to give the General Public and Civil Celebrants the sort of information which results in better ceremonies, enhanced professionalism, best practice, and high quality celebrant services throughout the World. The ceremony is the key event, the most important occasion of your wedding day. Skimp on anything else but do not skimp on your celebrant. You must choose a celebrant carefully. You must be aware that you get what you pay for. There is no such thing as a cheap celebrant who does a wonderful job.

This website contains articles and information which we hope will assist celebrants and their clients co-create more effective and more powerful ceremonies.

There are links to your left. There are links above. There are links below. Many of these links take you to sub-menus on the topic indicated. E.g the link "Weddings" takes you to a page with 27 items which will help you make good decisions about your wedding ceremony. These links will lead to pages in this website or to our other websites.

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