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A Funeral Experience - Just letting you all know how good our Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy is.

by Carolyn Shaw / Vaughan

(The College is) a true gem!!!!   Many thanks.  

Carolynb Shaw VaughanAfter receiving my certificate only a few weeks ago, I was asked to do a funeral service for friends of mine who lost their mum. I knew the lady reasonably well, and it was a true challenge.  as I had never contemplated doing a funeral at all.

 I met with the family and friends and we talked for several hours about her life and the memories they had, original references from her life as a young woman, nursery rhymes she used to wake the children and grandchildren up with...... I then sat for several hours and wrote the ceremony with some info and support from another funeral celebrant.  

On the day, the chapel was absolutely packed with family and friends and children. Around 250 people. The ceremony recounted loving arguments in the family kitchen over who got Mum's roast leg of lamb bone, and the grandchilldren sprung into song in the chapel when we talked of nanna's rhymes and verses. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. It was softly joyful and respectfully rich in love.     

Over recent months, there were times I grumbled about the course requirements to myself as I sat typing and thinking and pulling together information.

Let me tell you, when I stood to speak I had never been as glad! Glad that I had been stretched and challenged in the course material, to feel satisfied that I had the knowledge and the information to put together a special ceremony that honoured a beautiful lady, happy that the family were delighted with what had been written and shared with friends on her last physical day that she shared with us!!!!!   

Thanks for your book, your caring of and for the ritual and beautiful ceremony that we so need in our daily lives.  


Carolyn Shaw (A very content woman)

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